Sewing Travel Maternity 10 August, 2018

Picnicking with Wallabies

Hello sewists!

I’ve surprised myself by having another make completed and another blog post before baby! It wasn’t particularly planned, but after the lovely outing we had yesterday I thought, ‘why not?’

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Sewing Retro 22 July, 2018

Dolly and The Strays

Hello sewists!

Back again with another pre-baby make and this one isn’t a maternity garment.

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Sewing Retro Maternity VW Kombi Pattern Testing 5 July, 2018

70's Style Gingham

Hellos sewists!

It’s definitely been a while. Since my last post my belly has grown (seemingly overnight!) and I’ve just been trying to keep up.

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Sewing Retro Maternity 30 May, 2018

Dress Like Your Grandma '18 - Floral Edition

Hello sewists!

It's been a busy month or so out here. We took a trip down to Canberra to see friends, do some shopping and revisit autumn. Nowhere in Australia is autumn as beautiful as it is in the ACT and surrounding region. There's just something about it, (although I know that Victoria is glorious this time of year as well, so some people may disagree with me on this point). In typically "me" fashion I neglected to stop and take photos, putting it off and thinking that I’d do it later. Or tomorrow. Obviously this didn’t eventuate, but there's always next time…

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Sewing Retro Maternity 29 April, 2018

Samantha Dress

Dear sewists,

I hope that this post finds you well. I'm here today to write a little about my experience testing and sewing the SMYLY (that's, Sewing Makes You Love Yourself) Samantha Dress. This is particularly exciting because Samantha is SMYLY magazine's debut pattern!!!

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Sewing Retro Collabs Maternity 19 April, 2018

Kitschy Heart

Hello everyone,

I hope that you all had a lovely Easter. Personally, I had to work Easter Saturday and Sunday, but at least I had Good Friday off! We went to a morning service and then on to the Telegraph Station, which is a beautiful nature reserve outside of Alice Springs.

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