September first meets sometime in the early 1950s

Posted Tuesday, 31 August, 2021

Happy first day of Spring!

- With love from the wattle tree at the end of the street, and me.

As I’ve already shared on IG, this new (to me) vintage dress arrived via post the other day, all ready for her next life. She is an early 1950s piece and is my first ever yellow garment! I’m approaching my third decade on earth and am feeling that more yellow may be entering my palette very soon!

Receiving mail is a highlight each week, even more so lately. At time of writing, we are amid a lockdown period, so I’ve been finding my vintage-foraging to be especially soothing and exciting in equal measure. While the uncertainty of our collective situation has been unsettling, and there have been aspects of this entire thing which have been disappointing, I have found that I’ve been able to spend some time recalibrating and refocusing.

Pressing onward, my reason for mentioning these things is because I feel as though this, alongside some private grief and growth, has contributed toward my ability to approach our current cicumstances with a little more grace and forbearance than I may have previously been able to muster. My friends, this is where revisiting vintage comes in to play.

I’ve spent some time really digging into the things which bring me happiness or make me feel some sort of spark. Away from the noise of rushing to and fro, and even having the input of other people and voices, I’ve been able to retreat to things which I love. In our own little bubble, I’ve watched reruns and old shows, some vintage and some vintage inspired. I’ve spent time in my garden speaking to my plants and reading poetry in the sun. I’ve even found that I’ve begun taken joy in cleaning and refreshing my space – a smidgen of happy mess is fine, but we teeter toward chaos more often than I’d like!

With all of that, late 1940s and early 1950s styles have come to the fore. I’ve still got some 1960s styles to purchase, make and share, but it has been so invigorating to be able to allow myself to see where my eye has been drawn. If anyone has any 1940s or 1950s shows or movies to recommend, please do comment below or shoot me a note via e-mail or Instagram. Also, how wonderful is it to be able to pick and choose which decade, or style we want? I’m getting better at picking common style elements that feel most like “me” and I’m excited to try to develop this into something more tangible and distinctive.

My beautiful 50s dress features lovely yellow, beige and brown all wrapped up in florals. I love the gathered shoulder details, overlapping neckline and nipped in waist. I’m wearing it without a petticoat, but I do have a little waspie corset on as I have an absolute horror of getting caught by a side zip. It’s the worst thing!

As an aside for my sewing friends, I thought there was a reprint of a Big 4 vintage pattern in a similar style to this but can’t find it yet. If anyone knows of a sewing pattern like this please let me know!

As an aside for my sewing friends, I thought there was a reprint of a Big 4 vintage pattern in a similar style to this but can’t find it yet. If anyone knows of a similar sewing pattern please do let me know as I’d love to recreate this!

When I opened this beauty, I loved the colour saturation and the drape of the fabric immediately. I tried her on gingerly and identified a few pressure points and seams which needed reinforcing. I did that immediately on my machine and then she was ready for her new life! I think that part of the magic of wearing vintage lies in the attention that the garments warrant. It’s nice to be able to truly feel attached to your clothes and care for them. That’s a romantic notion of course. I love those.

I hope that you have a wonderfully happy and rejuvenating first week of spring, wherever you may be - springtime is a state of mind, after all.

I’ve got more vintage and sewing to share so check back again soon.