Lilac Wiksten Shift - These Final Autumn Days

Posted Sunday, 30 May, 2021

Hello from the brisk final days of Autumn. It took a while for her to come around.

Not to sound like one of “those” people, but I do love Autumn. I will add though, that it’s for the more than the obvious reasons of leaves falling, chilly mornings and the absolutely gorgeous, golden light. My chief reason for enjoying Autumn is that I adore experiencing the seasons changing. Autumn is special to me because it’s the time that I clear out my summer garden and prep for Spring, which is spectacular in Canberra might I add. Autumn and Spring are my favourites. They’re the distinct, in-between seasons but so visually arresting.

Anyway, we took a walk down to this bridge this morning as I’d found it on one of my recent rambles. There’s a lovely creek running beneath it and it reminds me of Winnie the Pooh and the bridge where they play “Pooh Sticks”. It’s so beautiful and calming to watch. (Both the flowing water and the television series, that is.)

I finished this lilac lavender Wiksten Shift top this morning. I added a sweet “cute as a button” tag (from the now-closed Crafty Pinup Shop) at the last minute, because I had set it aside, knowing that it was a perfect match and then promptly forgot about it until after I had sewn down all of the facings and hems. C’est la vie.

This is my second version of the Wiksten Shift pattern. My first make was a rayon dress, which you can see on the Indie Stitches feed, as well as my own. This pattern was provided free to review as part of my work with Indie Stitches, which I’ll briefly outline here:

Those of you who have been following along on my blog for a while would already know that my love for Evie’s business is a longstanding affair, so I am thrilled to be working with her on the social media and sample sewing side of things. It’s a total delight. This means that from time to time there may be a little crossover between makes that I share on my personal feed as well as the business account. I’ll always be clear about whether or not a pattern was a personal purchase, or one that I’ve selected for promotion and review. By the by, this post doesn't contain any affiliate links or the like, but if you're ever unsure please do ask me.

Sewing Notes:

  • I have sized down from my previous rayon dress. I don’t know whether or not it was the colours or the fabric, but my first version wasn’t the knockout that I had envisioned. I think that despite its flow I felt a little swamped. Maybe I’ll bring the hemline up and see if that improves things. Sizing down made such a difference for me with this top so for first time Wiksten Shift makers, perhaps consider a smaller size It is an oversized design after all and I firmly believe that fit is subjective.
  • My linen fabic is a “linen suiting” from Spotlight. I’m fairly certain that just means that it’s a heavier-than-usual linen weight. I find it be nice and the weave isn’t as open as other linens that I’ve come across. This fabric was fairly inexpensive so I’ll be interested to see how it washes and wears. I’ll report back via IG.
  • I sewed the pattern according to the instructions except for the facings. I decided to fold, press and sew the neckline facing down because I find that as I become more confident with my sewing, I just dislike facings flapping around.

I love the slouchy fit of this make. When I’m wearing it, it’s so comfy to live and move in. Today I felt as though my outfit was a sort of Arts Teacher crossed with Mod look, which was unexpected but not unenjoyable. If I had cropped it and styled the shift with cigarette pants, then I could almost imagine myself as a blonde Audrey-Hepburn wannabe circa Funny Face. Not a bad place to land satorially.