Sewing Simplicity 8458 and Butterick B5895

Posted Wednesday, 2 September, 2020

Hello Crafty Folk and Creative Types!

Today I'm sharing some old makes and a tale of misadventure that I'm sure many people can relate to.

And Ode to Headscarves and Sunflowers

A few months ago, I was the recipient of a rather unfortunate haircut and colour debacle. For the past 16+ weeks I have been deep in the throes of the “don’t touch it and let it grow out” phase. It’s a tough one and is definitely not for the faint hearted! 

Suffice it to say, I have become deeply attached to headbands and my penchant for the 1940s Land Girl style, replete with vintage headscarves has really come to the fore. Today’s photos were more rockabilly than my usual, but sometimes the headscarf drives the look!

Sadly, a casualty of this cut has been my desire to sew and a bit of satisfaction with my appearance. As someone who sews and shares their makes as a form of self-expression, my hairstyle formed part of the story that I enjoyed telling with my clothing. From mod bobs to chic 1940s tea dresses, it was an extension of how I presented myself to the world.  

In fact, it actually took me a while to pinpoint my hair as a large part of the reason that I wasn’t sewing. Initially, I was surprised and a bit disappointed in myself for letting such a silly thing get to me.

However, upon reflection I realised that my lack of sewing hasn’t bothered me as much as may be expected. I’ve never been one to push myself to create or make if that wasn’t what I felt like. Life is so busy and full without creating needless pressure!

So, I’ve been taking some time away. I’ve followed other creative pursuits. I’ve painted and had the front yard landscaped. Together, Luke and I planted it up. We’ve refurbished parts of our home. I’ve even started learning a new instrument (more on that another time). Just in typing all of that I feel a sigh of relief because it’s been nice to just be for a while and follow my whims.

I think that part of the beauty of creativity lies in being able to trust that you’ll come back to things when you’re ready. In the past, I’ve often read about people losing their “sewjo” or being in a funk. My two cents?

It may be time to give yourself some grace and some space. 

Follow where your heart leads. To everything there is a season. If your season involves relaxing then that's wonderful. Truly. Putting pressure on creative output is such a drain and ultimately really counter-intuitive. “Content” or “engagement” doesn’t really matter if you’re just putting out a deflated or forced version of yourself. Additionally, I really think that your sewing or creative circle will be able to tell.

Sewing-wise, the photos featured today were impromptu. I’d never worn this combo together but hints at warm weather had me wanting something a bit fun. Lunchtime sunflowers anyone? 

Sewing Notes:

  • I’m wearing a Vintage Simplicity 8458 skirt sewn up in a linen-look cotton blend from Minerva.
  • My only suggestion is to read the instructions, but try not to rely too heavily on them because there seemed to be some errata. I got the sense that the instructions hadn’t been edited or altered since first publication.
  • My top is a Gertie for Butterick pattern B5895 OOP (Out of Print) sewn up circa 2017 in a cotton lawn from Spotlight.

I hope that today's post can provide comfort to someone out there in Internet Land. I don't think that people talk about their bad haircuts or the things that sap motivation very often. To that end, if you're in a similar sort of place right now, it's ok friend. You're still a brilliant maker, mover and shaker.

Have you ever had a sewing hiatus? I'd love to know. Comment below or feel free to join the conversation on instagram.