Fibremood Madeline Skirt ~ Tropical Flavoured

Posted Sunday, 27 September, 2020

Hello crafty folk and creative types, 

Today I'm sharing my current favourite skirt; the Fibremood Madeline from their latest magazine, issue 11. 

The bias cut trend has been here for a while and for whatever reason I was a little slow to jump on board…Well actually, it may have been something to do with some serious 90s/early 2000s flashbacks. Although, I should have known that today’s bias cut patterns are far more appealing when paired with the right fabrics. No more tacky chiffon overlays and polysatin for me!   

With its roots in the 1930s (but first conceptualised by Madeleine Vionnet in the 1920s), I really can't shy away from some silky, slinky, curve-skimming goodness. When executed well, garments which have been cut on the bias are absolutely flawless and I highly recommend taking a look into the history behind the technique. A quick google search should lead you to some Vionnet gowns and archival footage of her atelier. Everything back then was so stylised and gorgeous!

It's always nice to have some nods to vintage in my styling. It doesn't have to be overt, but a little bit of history never goes astray. I love having a sentimental connection to the items in my wardrobe. For me, part of the appeal in making and wearing garments is the thought, awareness of style and technique which goes into it. Everybody loves a backstory! As an aside, I think that I should invest in some fashion history books. I absolutely adore it and doubtlessly, these tomes will provide some interesting insights and depth for future posts. Suggestions welcome!

Lettuce Hem

Sewing Notes:
  • This skirt was made with a crepe purchased from Tessuti fabrics last year. The drape is lovely and thankfully, I don’t have to worry too much about the fabric snagging or getting a run as the quality is (of course) superb.  
  • Also, even more fun is that fact that this skirt was made with only two patterns pieces. So simple to cut and put together! 
  • I inserted an invisible zip at the side. I’ve read some reviews where people have opted for an elastic waistband at the back, so the front is flat and lighter fabric types won’t have too much weight or pressure put on them by the zipper. (Check the Fibremood website for other versions of Madeline).
  • The hem is something that I am very proud of. Despite lamenting the styles of my childhood, I actually very much enjoy a lettuce hem. I made mine using peach thread on my Babylock evolve and absolutely love it! (I’ve used it once before on this ruffled dress). 
  • At this juncture, I’d like to point out the strong D&G vibes that this fabric has. The colourway is a bit of a different take on the perennial favourite lemon print (which I also adore). 

Details: overlocked seams, under stitched waistband and invisible zipper with hand stitching to secure facings

Styling wise, I was very pleased to have found this Review top as it pulls out the khaki/dirty lime green in the pattern and then doubly pleased with my yellow belt tying it all together (pun intended!).  

It’s a bright fun colourful look which makes me feel slightly less reticent about summer. I don’t mind hot weather, as I grew up in the tropics after all, but the last three summers in the desert have left me a little gun-shy. 

Also, I’m currently dreaming about making a second slip skirt for a post-exam cottagecore garden party and this pattern in a floral silk satin will be perfect. The whole cottagecore thing would be a blog post on its own I think. Suffice it to say, I've been surprised by the number of people I know who have fallen hard for the aesthetic. I've read some opinion pieces wherein people have asserted that the pull toward the simplistic, cosy lifestyle has been in response to external pressures and stressors. Given how things have been for us all lately, I can definitely appreciate the lure of a slower pace with an emphasis on beauty and artistic expression.

 Aside from my studies and general life things, I don’t have too many additional tales or thoughts to regale you all with at present. I’ll share more soon, but for now I’m on the home stretch with only a few more assessments remaining for this study period. Hopefully I’ll have some space to rest and create. Does anyone else have trouble making/creating with deadlines looming over them? It must be common!

Disclosure: Pattern gifted with no obligation to review. Post contains affiliate links.