Butterflies and Anchors

Posted Friday, 18 October, 2019

Hello crafty people,

It’s getting late and I should really be in bed, but I can’t resist typing a few lines to share with you all this evening. After all, life is busy and if not now, when? 

The photos that I have to share with are of my New Look 6446 jumpsuit. It’s been around for a while now and is a really popular. After taking mine on two holidays thus far, I can definitely vouch for its wearability.

These photos were taken in the Batchelor Butterfly Farm. A beautiful, albeit quirky place, that I want to return to next time I’m up North. I have some NT travel posts planned so won’t delve into too much detail here, but suffice it to say you definitely need to take the time to go through the garden and chat with the owner. He put a butterfly on Flynn’s shoulder for some beautiful photos and seeing the wonder of butterflies floating in the air the through the eyes of a baby is a memory that I’ll always treasure.

This is the second jumpsuit that I’ve ever sewn and is my first non-stretch one and first culottes length. Style-wise, I noticed from photos that sometimes from side-on the pleating at the waist can look a bit unflattering due to the excess fabric there. It’s not a huge deal and different fabrics will yield different results, but I thought that it was something worth mentioning.

I really like how the bodice is fitted through the waist, although there has been some stretching through the shoulder straps. I cut the fabric on-grain, but the issue lies in the fact that I used a poor-quality chambray, bought online and selected by virtue of the sweet anchor prints alone (gotta get my retro fix!). Living remotely, I tend to do a fair bit of online shopping for my fabric but usually rely on family members checking out the fabric in-store, swatches, or educated guesses regarding quality (through vendor, price, weight, description etc). This time I bought the fabric knowing that it wouldn’t be my desired thickness and quality.  My recklessness got me a pretty jumpsuit that is not long for this world. I predict that it will find its way to the mending pile soon. 

Super crumpled outfit! Full disclosure: I debated not posting this picture because of the wrinkles from travel. But how can I not be happy with a pic of me beside some loved-up butterflies?

Sewing Notes:

  • Fabric woes notwithstanding, this jumpsuit was easy to make straight out of the packet.
  • Select a mid-weight fabric that will keep up with your lifestyle and intended garment wear. By this I mean that if you want something that moves with you and that you don’t need to be too precious about. A heavyweight linen would be lovely or so would a cotton sateen, midweight chambray or lightweight denim. Undesirable would probably be organza or fairy floss…..
  • Jokes aside, I recommend reinforcing the zipper seam allowance with some interfacing. That is the area that has taken the most strain from me because I have been a bit rough with throwing the jumpsuit on to get out the door. 

I’ll leave you all with some more butterfly photos - I'm very aware that these are amateurish happy snaps, but the operative word here is HAPPY :). All of the varieties were native to Australia and most were common, with the exception of the Richmond Birdwing Butterfly, otherwise known as the Cairns Birdwing Butterfly (or scientifically Ornithoptera richmondia). This butterfly, along with the Ulysses (not pictured) has a special place in my heart as they are native to my birthplace of Far North Queensland.

Ok, enough butterfly chat. I really am going now…..Bye!

P.S. Lipstick is 'Bright Peony' Petal Pout Lipstick by Flower Beauty